The Sushihat Dolls

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The Sushihat Dolls - German Porn Music Videos taken from Magma Film's Abgezockt & Flachgelegt.

Abgezockt & Flachgelegt is an interesting video complete with three music videos with one being very catchy. Unfortunately, the sex scenes aren't that memorable. If you want to see something different in the world of adult videos as in 80's electropop music sequences, then this is definitely worth checking out.

Starring: Jasmine Gold, Ashley, Susa, Rita and Cindy

The Sushihat Dolls

Added on Jun 9, 2012 by massimocampanino
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  Sushihat  Dolls  German  Porn  Music  Videos  Magma  Abgezockt  Flachgelegt 
  Uniform Sex   Blowjobs & Cumshots   Strip Tease Channel   Anal Hardcore   Spice Rock  
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