Sexy Cherie Currie - The Runaways

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The Runaways - Cherry Bomb (Live In Japan 1977)

Vocalist: Cherie Currie (w.Sexy Lingerie)
Rhythm Guitar: Joan Jet
Lead Guitar: Lita Ford
Bass Guitar: Jackie Fox
Drum: Sandy West

The Runaways (1975 - 1979):

Vocalist/Guitar/Founder: Joan Jett (Joan Larkin) - Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
Vocalist/Lead Guitar: Lita Ford (Carmelita Rossanna Ford)
Vocalist/Bass Guitar: Michael "Micki" Steele (Sue Thomas) - The Bangles
Vocalist: Cherie Currie
Vocalist/Founder: Kari Krome
Bass Guitar: Jackie Fox (Jacqueline Fuchs)
Bass Guitar: Vicki Blue
Bass Guitar: Peggy Foster
Bass Guitar: Laurie McAllister
Drum: Sandy West (Sandy Pesavento)
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